Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment plays a critical role in patient care. Onicol utilizes proprietary algorithms that determine risk stratification for each patient based on data collected through Patient Intervention (web risk assessments or care manager consultations), Medical and Pharmaceutical Authorizations, Medical History, Outcomes and Claims. Risk Assessment is a continual process that can change based on a single data point or gradually over time. Once a patient has met the criteria for a particular risk stratification he or she will be immediately transferred to the next step in the pathway. That may include enrollment in a disease management program, care management or intervention. Determining appropriate risk factors also affects authorization of requested services. Some services or medications may not be appropriate for some patients with particular risk factors. Our system is designed to quickly determine the potential adverse effect based on risk factors and requested services, and then alert the patient, staff and/or provider. Again, the highlights of this process are:

  • Each piece of information collected in the system is constantly monitored by Risk Assessment Algorithms that determine risk stratification
  • Data collected through patient consultations, both medical and pharmaceutical authorizations, and outcomes are stored and continually analyzed for risk, improvement and feedback
  • Patients identified at Risk may be escalated to Case Management or Disease Management