Disease Management

Our Disease Management Programs are an extension of Prior Authorization Services, Medical Management, Pharmacy Management, Case Management, Utilization Management and our Medical Advisory Boards. Onicol manages requests for services for each patient driven by goals set in each Disease Management Program. Protocols are created specifically for each of our Specialty Management Programs and are developed by a committee of MAB members who are specialists in treating the disease or condition. Our program equips disease management teams with the tools needed to promote quality and better assess and respond to the needs of health plan members. Disease Management Programs represent goals set out to improve the overall health, medical treatment and outcomes of the entire managed population while providing proper incentives and cost benefits for patients, providers and insurers. Some key components of Onicol Disease Management include:

  • Patients identified with a specific condition/s are enrolled in each appropriate Disease Management Program depending on whether or not there is one or more chronic or acute health condition(s)
  • Disease Management Programs address the ongoing treatment and patient education for a specific condition
  • Conditions may be chronic or acute; subsequently the programs provide everything from educational material, self assessments, and supplemental vitamins to alternative medicine and therapies
  • Based on assessment results, Onicol interventions are designed to respond to the specific health needs of the patient
  • Disease Management empowers the patient and provides them with the support and tools necessary to improve their health
  • The disease management program involves patients and providers in the DM process by providing information on how disease management works and what information they can expect to receive
  • Evidence-based decision-support tools that are reviewed and updated annually are integrated with Telephonic, email and web access to our staff to provide answers to questions about the DM process and to provide direction in emergency medical situations