Integrated Systems

Onicol has developed a fully integrated enterprise healthcare system designed to seamlessly integrate various modules (typically separately sold by other vendors). This design enables the Company to perform operations guided by our MAB's protocols and pathways including, formulary management, utilization management, and pay for performance. In addition, clinical information empowers medical management to appropriately decide medical necessity and the best course of treatment.

  • Onicol devotes large portion resources and capabilities to the full integration of Medical, Pharmacy and Claims Systems
  • It is the fundamental belief of the Company that the synergy and efficiency achieved through full integration results in better care, outcomes and costs

The enterprise system includes:

  • Medical Management
    • Benefits and Eligibility
    • Prior Authorization
    • Outcomes
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    • Case Management
    • Risk Management
    • Disease Management
  • Pharmacy Management
    • Benefits and Eligibility
    • Electronic Prescriptions
    • Pharmacy Module
    • Formulary Management
    • Dosing Management
  • Claims Management
    • EDI Claims Adjudication
    • Paper Claim Adjudication
    • Claimless Adjudication (Prior Auth and Outcome)