Medical Management

Onicol Medical Management is driven by the Medical Advisory Board which oversees medical decision-making and program design for each Specialty Management Program. Onicol Medical Advisory Board Members represent the apex of Academic Medicine and are board certified in each managed specialty.


  • All of the Company’s clinical processes and systems are directed by Onicol’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) and Medical Directors
  • The MAB Protocols and Pathways drive how each case is managed
  • Onicol utilizes “Peer-to-Peer” review of cases
  • The Peer-to-Peer review has a powerful impact on changing behavior and improving the delivery of healthcare

Protocols and Pathways

Onicol’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is responsible for the development and maintenance of Onicol’s Protocols and Pathways. The Protocols and Pathways are living breathing documents that provide the framework for better outcomes and cost efficient care. Once the MAB has approved a Protocol and Pathway, Onicol then designs and develops the policies, procedures, systems, formularies and ancillary contracts to operationalize the Protocol. Protocols and Pathways are constantly updated in order to sustain the most advanced medical and pharmaceutical treatment methods.