Pharmacy Management

Onicol offers a complete suite of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services that, when combined with Onicol's Pharmacy Network and best in market Pharmacy and DME Pricing results in significantly improved outcomes and cost savings. Unlike companies that manage only one component of treatment, Onicol's outcomes and savings are further enhanced by our strategy of combining medical, pharmacy and claims management.

Pharmacy Management is provided through the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) in conjunction with the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T) for each Specialty Management Program. These oversight committees work together to ensure full transparency, coordinated patient care and fully integrated medical and pharmaceutical protocols and pathways. This structure ensures that Onicol formularies are driven by licensed healthcare experts and are based on the best available clinical information. Each prescription is matched to a medical authorization enabling Onicol to more effectively improve outcomes and reduce costs. This combined process results in more accurate and precise dosage and utilization management which, in turn, improves market share and delivers cost savings for patients and payors.


  • Each script is matched to a medical authorization and reviewed by a Care Manager
  • Previously dispensed drugs are reconciled prior to refill authorizations
  • Coordination of benefits is automated and routinely updated
  • Co pays are built into the pricing