Rx and DME

There are number of price points that need to be addressed in order to provide the best and most accurate market pricing for both Pharmaceuticals and Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Depending on the Specialty and the corresponding Protocols and Pathways, the Management Team must work with the Pharmaceutical and DME manufacturers to determine the best pricing structure given the MAB's and P&T committees's clinical recommendations. Once established, Onicol sets manufacturer rebate/purchase agreements in place that reflect the medical and pharmaceutical protocols and pathways, as well as covered benefits and eligibility. Onicol has extensive experience negotiating Rebate Agreements and achieving extraordinary marketshare performance, ultimately reducing cost. Thus the highlights of our Pharmaceutical and DME services include:

  • Our P&T and MAB committees determine protocols and pathways prior to negotiating manufacturer agreeements
  • Often manufacturer rebate contracts are tied to performance which will be fully integrated into our systems and processes
  • When needed Onicol will also maintain contracts with Retail and Wholesale Distributors