Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

According to the AMA, Federal Rule of Evidence 702 explains that a witness can qualify as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education. There are concerns that this legal standard is insufficient to ensure that only qualified physician experts testify. Therefore, many have advocated for additional standards establishing minimum requirements for expert witnesses' credentials to ensure that opinions presented are thoroughly informed by knowledge or experience in the relevant field. Particular concerns surround medical liability litigation with regard to an expert's licensure, training and experience compared to that of the physician defendant. To address possible gaps in the standards set for acceptable witness testimony, many state and specialty societies have developed guidelines for expert witness qualifications in their respective states and specialties. In addition, some state and specialty medical societies as well as licensing boards now engage in the review of medical testimony to assess claims of dishonest or false testimony. Overall, such review of testimony is justified in part on the basis that testimony lies within the sphere of professional activities that are intrinsically linked to a physician's medical education and training. Thus it is paramount to use the most qualified and well supported experts for testimony and discovery.

Should counsel need Onicol's Independent experts to testify, Onicol will provide the following:

  • Facilitate Expert Testimony on behalf of client
  • Scheduling
  • Billing services
  • Coordination of reporting and documentation
  • Full Access to Onicol's Litigation Support Services