About Us

Onicol's management has demonstrated success in providing various healthcare services across a wide range of products and services in a number of different specialties. In so doing, the Onicol Management Team has built and run healthcare services with clients among the nations leading healthcare corporations and employers including large regional "blue" plans and national insurers. In addition, our Management Team has worked with several of the nations leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, specialty pharmacies and retail pharmacy chains. Furthermore, the Team has extensive experience with legal and regulatory issues that are integral part of the healthcare delivery system. The Management Team has also served as the Operations and Information Systems designer and chief architect. Consequently, the Team has a comprehensive and penetrating knowledge of healthcare technology and information systems including, data architecture, data reporting, claims systems, application design, development and deployment. Innovation is a driver of success in this industry and management has a track-record of establishing and building on inventive concepts. The Management Team's experience provides detailed knowledge of healthcare trends and operations that are key factors for customers seeking inventive solutions for a complex industry. This provides invaluable and uncompromised insight into both current and future medical trends.

The founders of Onicol have more than 10 years experience working directly with academicians, pioneering researchers, top-rated board certified physicians, and industry executives, forming the basis for our highly specialized medical expert management teams. Onicol's scalable enterprise system supports this constantly growing network and ensures our clients have prompt access to expertise that is relevant, essential, and appropriate to their claims management needs. Our Clients gain a competitive edge in recruitment and credentialing through the cache of Onicol's network, potentially reducing the overall malpractice risk. Unlike other companies supplying expert networks to litigation firms, Onicol will take an active role in synthesizing existing research with Onicol's proprietary systems and expert opinions. Onicol has a substantial internal research support system that augments the proficiency of our healthcare experts so they can more thoroughly analyze and support each case or claim.