Onicol Market Research

Onicol Market Research develops, consults, and provides market research, expert opinions, custom surveys, due diligence and educational conference services to leading financial services firms, professional service firms, corporations, and nonprofits. Onicol's services and systems provide dynamic solutions to find, engage, and manage healthcare experts while also offering quantitative and qualitative healthcare market analyses through our proprietary data systems.

Onicol's founders have more than 10 years experience working directly with academicians, pioneering researchers, top rated physicians, and industry executives. This is the foundation for our specialized healthcare expert recruitment team and scalable data management systems. Onicol engages leading experts in the major healthcare sectors and assembles them in our constantly growing global network, thus ensuring our clients have prompt access to relevant, essential and appropriate expertise.

Onicol conducts proprietary research which is then corroborated by our internal expert network through unsolicited commentary, analysis and inquiry. Onicol's new contributions are synthesized with existing research and expert opinions, along with information gathered through custom surveys and Onicol Monitors, and then provided exclusively to our clients.