Onicol Malpractice Services

Onicol Malpractice Services develops and provides unique claims management, risk management, credentialing, recruiting, actuarial data analysis, and litigation support services for medical malpractice insurance companies, hospital/physician mutuals, group practices and litigation firms. Complemented by our proprietary systems, Onicol offers dynamic solutions to find, engage, and manage the most appropriate experts to quickly and completely review and assess medical malpractice claims - experts who are often inaccessible to the broader market – while reducing risk profiles. Onicol's automated documentation and case chronology processes make this possible. The Onicol system amasses a myriad of expert opinions on any given claim enabling a reviewer to better focus on the fundamental merits of a particular case. In addition, by leveraging years of experience reviewing medical necessity for thousands of procedures, our risk management services help clients reduce the overall claim risk for a healthcare provider and malpractice insurer. Our considerable expertise in the development of complex workflows, software, and database design and analysis, specific to the health care delivery system, provides unmatched actuarial services for medical malpractice claims, eventually enabling insurers to better price premiums and assess claims loss.