Onicol Healthcare Services provides services to payors including health insurance carriers and self-funded employers. Onicol's network of healthcare professionals and our systems provide dynamic solutions that help insurers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and their patients obtain better outcomes at reduced costs across a wide range of specialties covering a number of conditions and diseases. Onicol develops state of the art healthcare business processes such as medical management, pharmacy management, claims processing, benefit design and network management. These processes, when combined with our medical and formulary management expertise, work together to maximize savings and improve clinical outcomes. Unlike companies providing only one aspect of healthcare management, Onicol coordinates medical, pharmacy, claims and outcomes to ensure all facets of treatment and reimbursement are focused on the best result. Onicol's founders have over 10 years experience working with academicians, pioneering researchers, leading physicians, health plans and specialty pharmacies to directly face the challenges our healthcare industry.

Onicol Malpractice Services develops and provides unique claims management, risk management, credentialing, recruiting, actuarial data analysis, and litigation support services for medical malpractice insurance companies, hospital/physician mutuals, group practices and litigation firms. Complemented by our proprietary systems, Onicol offers dynamic solutions to find, engage, and manage the most appropriate experts to quickly and completely review and assess medical malpractice claims - experts who are often inaccessible to the broader market – while reducing risk profiles. Onicol's automated documentation and case chronology processes make this possible. The Onicol system amasses a myriad of expert opinions on any given claim enabling a reviewer to better focus on the fundamental merits of a particular case. In addition, by leveraging years of experience reviewing medical necessity for thousands of procedures, our risk management services help clients reduce the overall claim risk for a healthcare provider and malpractice insurer. Our considerable expertise in the development of complex workflows, software, and database design and analysis, specific to the health care delivery system, provides unmatched actuarial services for medical malpractice claims, eventually enabling insurers to better price premiums and assess claims loss.

Onicol Market Research develops, consults, and provides market research, expert opinions, custom surveys, due diligence and educational conference services to leading financial services firms, professional service firms, corporations, and nonprofits. Onicol's services and systems provide dynamic solutions to find, engage, and manage healthcare experts while also offering quantitative and qualitative healthcare market analyses. Onicol's founders have more than 10 years experience working directly with academicians, pioneering researchers, top rated physicians, and industry executives. This is the foundation for our specialized healthcare expert recruitment team and scalable data management systems. Onicol engages leading experts in major healthcare sectors and assembles them in our constantly growing global network, thus ensuring our clients have prompt access to relevant, essential and appropriate expertise for their research needs. Onicol conducts proprietary research which is then corroborated by our internal expert network through unsolicited commentary, analysis and inquiry. Onicol's new contributions are synthesized with existing research and expert opinions, along with information gathered through custom surveys and Onicol Monitors, and then provided exclusively to our clients.